Community Involvement

Mason Square is more than the buildings that surround it. Mason Square is a destination; a place to convene, gather, exchange ideas, and have fun. Mason's standard of excellence extends to the community at large. The university’s contributions to quality of life, together with the billions of dollars the university contributes to the economy, truly make Mason an important and engaged partner with the local community.

To learn more about Mason's engagement with the surrounding community, visit the Community and Local Government Relations website.

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Mason Speakers

Looking for a speaker for your event? Mason Speakers comprises nearly 100 professors, researchers, and administrators who volunteer from George Mason University to provide lectures and guest presentations to organizations and businesses free of charge. Several hundred topics are listed on the speaker’s registry. Operating throughout the Metropolitan Washington DC area since 1993, thousands of requests for speakers have been filled as part of this community outreach program.

A discussion group works in the Burton Library.

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Mason Square is located in the heart of Arlington and is a part of the Arlington community at large. Visit the Arlington, Virginia website to find local events, resources, facilities, and more.

Looking for ways to give back to the community? Volunteer Arlington has a current list of opportunities available within the Arlington area.